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For excellent photographs of Alaska and its communities visit Alaska's Ditigal Archives: Alaska's Ditigal Archives

Information about Shamans: Shamanism

For more information about Alaskan artists and their work visit this site: AlaskaNative Arts Foundation

Awesome carvings of a contemporary Alaskan carver, Brian Kulik, a truly skilled artist: Absolutely Alaskan

To see a sampling of some more great contemporary art visit the Artic Raven Gallery: Artic Raven Gallery

For a brief article about the Mayacs please visit the following link to the Indian Craft Shop: Mayac Family artist of the Month

Listing of native artists in the Smithsonian Ameriacan Art Museum: Museum

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Alaskan Carvings for sale:

For a variety of native Alaskan carvings, please visit my Ebay Store! Two Mules Trading

Listing of other walrus ivory auctions on Ebay:
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